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Solid is a full service, national, general contractor…and we are a little bit unique.  A small, core client base allows adaptability, focus, ingenuity, and the opportunity to do what we love.  Time is not spent on marketing; instead, we partner with our clients and strive to add value to their assets.

Team Solid is devoted to each project from start to finish, diligently overseeing budget, scheduling, progression, completion, and most importantly, health and safety.

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Solid dares to be different.  Rather than simply doing what’s worked for others, we endeavor to carve out a unique path – the Solid way. Boundaries and limitations fade, and the future is ours to create. At Solid we embrace the unconventional. Unafraid to break from tradition and take risks, our success can be attributed to the tendency to push beyond perceived limits in order to continually improve upon tradition.

Our people are our greatest asset. Solid seeks individuals with a passion for excellence, and has built a team of goal-oriented, success-driven professionals. While compliance with industry regulations is non-negotiable, Solid’s team consistently thinks outside the box. Rather than issuing directives, our leaders support their teams in using creativity and expertise to devise innovative solutions.

Complications will arise from time to time. When a mistake is made our team rolls up their sleeves, and seizes the opportunity to set things right. This is when mistakes become opportunities. The Solid team takes responsibility rather than casting blame, and recognizes that open communication is vital to getting to the root of the problem. Lessons learned from project complications are shared with the team in order to improve processes going forward. We know that the trust built through this type of communication is integral to fostering an environment of innovation and growth.


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Toronto, CA
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Ottawa, CA
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Pressure: 1029 hPa
Humidity: 69%
Low: 0° / High: 1°

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