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New Development

In 2016 Solid expanded its portfolio by adding a division devoted to new development construction. We have since broken ground on multiple large development projects, including multi-unit, low-rise retirement living facilities.  The department is overseen by an in-house engineer who, along with the project managers, works with owners, external engineers and architects, and city officials. Strict protocols and health and safety regulations are followed while bringing the design to life.

Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes, Solid is the trusted company many turn to first. Team Solid’s dedicated, seasoned specialists are equipped to handle after-hours emergencies caused by fires, floods, explosions, and structural impacts of all sorts. An excellent reputation for carrying out both emergency work and restoration projects has placed Solid in good standing with various prestigious insurance companies.   Our project managers and administrators understand the importance of health and safety compliance and detailed record keeping. Transparency is an essential component of effectively managing project progression with both adjusters, appraisers, and owners.

Solid has successfully completed numerous multi-million dollar restoration projects; working within the retirement living, long-term care, and property management industries, in addition to restaurants, retail, and townhouse complexes. Past projects have included the Alberta Flood Relief, a sewer line replacement while maintaining building occupancy, repairs and rebuild caused by a fatal explosion, and structural damage following a water main combustion.

Technical Projects

Solid has a proven track record for successfully completing large scale technical projects on time and on budget. Our expertise includes but is not limited to generators, fire protection systems, energy conservation upgrades, and environmental aid.

Growing public awareness of the dangers and legal implications of designated substances (mould, asbestos, lead or drug-lab materials), demands that this specialized work be carried out by certified technicians. Remediation projects involving hazardous materials necessitate detailed health and safety protocols. Close monitoring, administration and documentation are required throughout each phase of the process. Solid’s project managers and in-house technicians are trained and certified, and ensure that air-testing, documentation, demolition and disposal are all carried out with strict compliance to Ministry of the Environment regulations.

Multi-Residential Suite Upgrades

The fact that empty suites result in diminished revenue for our clients is not lost on us.  Solid has an extensive suite renovation portfolio, and an acute understanding of the importance of suite turn-over timelines.  Our project managers are proactively involved in safety program components to ensure renovations go smoothly. Scheduled site visits, meetings, and progress reports ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget, while meeting the standards and expectations of the client.

Solid recognizes the importance of supporting local businesses while still prioritizing the needs of the client. Our procurement officers work with both local and national suppliers to ensure that materials are ready for installation on schedule.  Local contacts are leveraged, and access to national pricing and warehousing capabilities benefit our clients while supporting local communities.

We excel in strictly governed areas including medical centres, long-term care homes, and retirement homes.  Renovations are regularly completed in examination rooms and labs while ensuring that the facilities remain fully operational.

Capital Improvements

Solid boasts a strong team of project managers with a clear understanding of the needs and roles of city inspectors and engineering officials. Extensive experience with both large and small scale hallway, lobby, common area renovations, barrier-free accessibility compliance, landscaping and building envelope projects in residential and commercial buildings, grants ever expanding expertise.  To ensure the success of these projects, risk assessments are carried out during the planning stages and health and safety precautions are integrated into work processes.  Project managers take full responsibility for documentation. Itemized cost breakdowns, pictures, and progress reports are submitted to the appropriate parties throughout the project, thus ensuring that stakeholders are kept informed of project progression.

Safety and Sustainability

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency Upgrades.
SOLID recognizes that maintaining efficient buildings is of both environmental and economic
importance for our clients. We have been awarded several national contracts installing water conservation products such as toilets, shower heads and aerators, as well as energy efficient lighting and heating system enhancements. From start to finish, we take care of the energy audit and paper work submissions so that our clients can benefit from any available government rebates.

Fire Protection System and Emergency Generator Upgrades.
SOLID has developed an excellent reputation for successfully facilitating the installation of sprinkler systems and emergency generators in fully occupied multi-residential buildings. These projects require comprehensive coordination between the owner, the consultants, the Project Manager and the Governmental body, and we are committed to ensuring the satisfaction of each stakeholder. SOLID’s reporting on these projects has become a model for future projects amongst our clients.